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Law and sustainability

Tamara Reiter has made environmental commitment her goal.

Issue 2 | 2022

Tamara Reiter has made environmental commitment her goal. The new master’s degree course in Law and sustainability in Europe that she is taking at Utrecht University in the Netherlands will equip her with some valuable tools in this context: “The course explores how the European Union and its member states are reacting to the challenges posed by sustainable development in a globalised context. I am also learning what role national law plays in implementing European law on sustainability,” explains Reiter. European framework directives that set a uniform regulatory framework for all member states may need to be transposed into the respective national legal system.

Reiter is also studying the so-called green transition to renewable energies and how this can be achieved in a socially just manner, taking human rights into account. “I believe that this practice-oriented and interdisciplinary degree course will help pave the way for me to embark on an international career in the area of environmental protection,” says Reiter. “What is more, it puts me in a position that can potentially improve the lives of today’s and future generations.” As a correspondent for the DAAD’s campaign “Studieren weltweit – ERLEBE ES!” (Study worldwide – EXPERIENCE IT!), Tamara Reiter is reporting on her experiences in the Netherlands. “A few years ago, during my Erasmus+ stay in Valencia in Spain, I already worked as a correspondent for the initiative,” she says. “I still find it very inspiring to encourage others to spend a period of time abroad, as it is an experience that helps one to grow as a person. I have learnt things I would never have been taught in a lecture hall.” —