Engaging in exchange – In brief

Sponsoring scholarships in sustainability

The DAAD-Stiftung supports master’s students, graduates, PhD students and postdocs with annual grants from the KSB Stiftung, which has undertaken to sponsor scholarships to this end.

Issue 2 | 2022

Potential grantees will have a research focus on sustainable extraction, production, processing and use of energy, water and raw materials. The first funding recipient, Dr Konstantin Scheihing, an expert in integrated water resource management, spent the period from October 2021 to March 2022 conducting research at UNESCO’s International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC) and at the Institute for Water Education (IHE) in the Dutch city of Delft. He compiled a review study there on the subject of cap­acity development and groundwater sustainability – and co-wrote a chapter of the United Nations’ 2022 World Water Development Report. “Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to forge a number of contacts with specific relevance to the subject of water. In addition, I gained many new insights into the challenges and opportunities for capacity development in the groundwater sector. This experience will stand me in very good stead in future projects,” says Scheihing. —

For some time, the DAAD-Stiftung has been offering private sponsors the chance to contribute to global aca­demic and artistic exchange and international ­cooperation in higher education. Further information, including on sponsoring scholarships, can be found on the foundation’s website.