Engaging in exchange – In brief

The future for green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is regarded as the climate-neutral fuel of the future and a potential alternative to fossil energies.

Issue 2 | 2022

At a joint conference at the Energie Campus Nürnberg in October 2022, the Alumni Network Germany-Korea (ADeKo), the Energie Campus Nürnberg and the South Korean branch of the Friends of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics Erlangen (LSTME Busan) staged a discussion on this sustainable energy source and its social impacts. The multidisciplinary event brought information disseminators together in a German-Korean scientific exchange: the guests included representatives of renowned research institutions and companies, as well as the vice presidents of Siemens Energy and Schaeffler AG. Former ADeKo General Secretary Professor Gi Eun Kim and Dr. Holger Finken, Head of Section Research Fellowship Programmes at the DAAD, chaired the final discussion about the technical challenges and outlook for hydrogen technology. In his closing words, Finken congratulated the organ­iser, the Friends of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (LSTME e.V.), on an extremely successful event. “This conference will lay the foundation for intensive involvement of scientists from Korea in the DAAD’s new BMBF-funded programme ERA Fellowships – Green Hydrogen.” —